Theory of Ayurveda – Prosperity and Desire

Thus, through the proper care of your health, the proper conservation of vital energy, and the right attitude of mind, you are in a state of good health, how shall you try to attain, also, a prosperous condition of living?

How can you have a fair level of prosperity—which does not mean the fulfilling of cupidity, of avarice, of greed, or of inordinate desire, but, within legitimate bounds, to have a comfortable life permitting calmness of mind, freedom from worry, freedom from agitation and restlessness, so that you can give your mind and thought to the service of your fellow-men and to the worship of God, in order to be of use on the outside and to be of the utmost use to yourself.

What are the laws of prosperity? The secret of prosperity, of course, would be to live within your income, to spend less than what you earn and not to go into debts. That would be the greatest wisdom in a nutshell! How, then, to be prosperous? If you earn 10000 Rupees, spend 9900 Rupees, then you always have 100 Rupees left. Never get into the installment system. If you have cash, then, all right, purchase things. If you have not the cash, then don’t purchase them,— go without them.

Yet, there are certain laws of prosperity which also stem from eternal spiritual truths. If you begin to feel and think lack (want), you experience lack. If you assert your abundance, then, as the shadow follows the person, abundance follows you. If you begin to desire, immediately you admit poverty.

Desire is poverty. Desire is a feeling of inadequacy, and when you begin to desire, you are a beggar already. The secret of becoming prosperous is to live in conformity with this law of prosperity and also to live with common-sense. Once one unconsciously begins to affirm poverty by desiring, then poverty only becomes the law. To get free of desire is the secret of setting free the law of prosperity into motion. Why? All plenitude is within you.

There is nothing that you lack, for you are of God, who is All. He is All-in-All. He is the source of all. In Him there is everything, and if you know that you are in Him, you have everything, you are in everything. And it is just to affirm this knowledge, to affirm this fact of your ever being in Him, who is All-in- All, that is the Master-Key for making prosperity follow you, as a dog follows its master. After all, you are the master of the whole creation, for you are heir to the One who is the Master of everything. You lack nothing. All plenitude, all abundance is your Self. Your True Nature is plenitude.

The more you begin to assert that, to affirm that with perfect confidence, not as a thing to be, but as a fact that is, prosperity is yours. Want and a feeling of poverty is an attitude of the mind. If you have so much and you feel “I have everything”, then you don’t want anything else, but if you have so much and yet you feel “I don’t have it”, then you haven’t anything else.

A millionaire who is always wanting to make ten million or twenty million, is really a beggar. A cab-driver or a porter who is getting, say, 3 or 4 dollars a day, and says, “That is quite enough for me. My pocket is always full”, is greater than the millionaire. He is richer, more wealthy than the millionaire, for he has not the nagging feeling of lack and want and the beggarly attitude of desire.

So, the inner secret of the true law of prosperity is to affirm your plenitude, to affirm your abundance and live in that ever present condition of lacking nothing, of having God, and, therefore, of having everything. This is the only way. This is the only secret, and the moment you start affirming it, you will find conditions changing, for your conditions are the product of your own thoughts.

The ultimate factor, the vital factor that goes to make up all your life is your thoughts. They are as much tangible and substantial as bricks that pile up and become a big mansion. They can build your whole life. They can create any condition in your life. They can even create the condition of your own health if the

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proper thought is thought. Just as a human being catches hold of something and mounts it, even so proper thought has the power to build up cell by cell; broken cells can be built up. Anything that has been destroyed in you can be built up by the proper thought and, in the same way, the wrong type of thought can destroy whatever is whole and make it diseased. The power of thought is something that stems right from you, from the very soul, because it is nearest to You, and the soul force is beneath and behind all thought force, and the affirmation of your true condition overcomes all conditions that are foreign to you, that are not natural to you.

To this end, contentment is the true secret of affirming your abundance. Whatever comes, feel full. If it is 1 dollar, feel as though it were a million, and if it is 10 dollars, feel as though it were ten million. Once you have contentment, there is nothing that can make you unhappy, and if you don’t have contentment, nothing can make you happy. The secret of prosperity is to affirm your true, abundant nature, the true fact of your plenitude. Be content and put a notice on your mind: “No admission for any desire”. “Desire—Get Out!”.

The moment desire arises, just reject it, and then you will begin to experience that the desired object comes, by itself, to you. The moment you turn away from it, it follows you by itself. This is an eternal law. This is a law which has been proved in the life of all those who have discovered it and applied it to themselves; the more you desire, the more does your want increase. Let this theorem be in your mind; let it be in your heart.

There is something a little higher even than this. The Hindu believes that whatever there is in this universe is all the Divine Essence. It is all God. This might sound repeating the same thing again and again in all my tales, but Truth cannot be changed. We cannot say that everything is God today and, for a change, say that all this is not God tomorrow. Truth is always eternal. It bears even a million repetitions, for it is never properly taken to heart, never properly lived. Everything is God. Every force is God. Every phenomenon is God. Every being is God. Every name and form is God. Everything you experience is only the Divine Essence in various manifestations, and prosperity is one of the direct manifestations of the Divine Power as the sustaining force in this universe.

The Divine Power in this Cosmic Process expresses itself first as a projecting power, a power that brings into being, and then it acts here upon the threefold time continuum of past, present and future, as the sustaining power. That which has been brought forth, it sustains, it nourishes, it protects, it takes care of. You see it is God, and the cycle closes at the other end. The same power once again dissolves all that has been brought forth, where it once again reabsorbs projected phenomena into the original state of non-manifestation.

It is the central portion which is the most important to us,—that aspect of

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the Divine Force which protects, sustains, nourishes, takes care of,—and this it does in various ways. It is present as the food, seasons, clouds and rain. It is present as the abundance that comes out of the earth, the fertility of the earth, and it is also present within us as the gastric fire that digests food and nourishes us. It is also present as all prosperous conditions. Ultimately, we have to know that the whole of human life is being directed by God. He is the inner guardian of the whole universe. He is the inner director of the entire cosmos, and He is the one who is guiding your life. In every moment of your life He is bringing about conditions, so if you fulfil these conditions of honouring the law of prosperity, of honouring the manifestation of God in these various forms.

Compiled from the teachings of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj