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Bliss Within – A Retreat on Yoga Nidra

Understanding the True Technique of Relaxation

What is ‘relaxation’? For most of us, it is probably collapsing on a chair with a cup of coffee, a drink or a puff of cigarette, and for some of us, it’s reading, listening to music or watching television. But these are only sensory diversions, where we may feel light but do not enter absolute relaxation. True relaxation is a conscious relaxation, which enables us to remain aware, at the same lets us relax.

And that’s why the practice of ‘Yoga Nidra’ is what we need, especially in this modern age where have achieved higher standards of living and yet we suffer from the same.

What is Yoga Nidra?

It is a practice that includes complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation – a state that is reached best by turning inward, away from outer experiences. Usually when we sleep, we lose track of self and cannot utilize the capacity of mind. The technique of Yoga Nidra can enable one to be conscious in this state and nurture the seed of great will power, higher self and vitality.


Insights of the program

With each session of Yoga Nidra, you will be burning your old Samskaras, habits and tendencies in order to be born anew. During each practice, you will make Sankalpa, which means resolve, for yourself where you will sow the seeds of change. Right between the state of wakefulness and dream, it is the most powerful method for reshaping one’s personality.

The first Yogi to actively teach and educate people on Yoga Nidra was Paramamamsa Swami Saatyananda Saraswati and was furthered by Paramahamsa Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

Is it about simply lying down?

Even though you are lying down during this practice, you are not, not doing anything. The teacher/ guru will guide through the process with the help of conscious relaxation to take you into deep Nidra

After going into the deepest state of conscious relaxation, you are brought back out of it and into the present state, where you reconnect with yourself and the world around you, living in each and every moment.

What happens to the body and mind?

The technique of Yoga Nidra allows the body to relax deeply while the mind is still awake. During this time, the brain waves move from the active – beta waves, pass through relaxed – alpha waves and eventually enter the frequency of deep sleep – delta waves. This state allows one to access the subconscious mind, suppressed memories and experiences.

You will learn the following aspects

  • Transforming and restructuring the whole personality from within.
  • Absolute deep relaxation
  • Withdrawing the senses from the outside stimuli and bring positive effects on your entire being
  • Abandoning the old restrictive habits and creating the new
  • Reaching a blissful meditative state without having meditated
  • Progressing to higher practices of Yoga
  • Developing an ‘inner source’ to anchor yourself
  • Welcoming all emotions and fully accept them.

You will achieve:

  • Understanding of the self and separation of the ego
  • Gaining surety in who you are and will be able to accept yourself
  • Releasing long-held emotions almost immediately
  • Releasing tension of the body & mind and poor sleep
  • Feeling more joyful in everyday life
  • Experiencing a rush of creativity within you
  • Obtaining new information more easily
  • Correcting deep-rooted mental and physical imbalances
  • Overall, an improved quality of life

“No Nidra, No Peace; Know Yoga Nidra, Know Peace”