Swami Chidananda Centenary Celebrations in USA 2016

Radiant Divinity! Greetings and Goodwishes. Our Gurudev Swami Chidananda was born on 24th september 1916. This year is his 100 birth year. Gurudev Swami Chidananda ji was the Successor Disciple of the Great Saint and Sage Swami Sivananda ji of Rishikesh. Popularly known as the Saint Francis of India, Swamiji travelled all over the world several times starting from 1959 to spread spiritual awareness. Gurudev Swami Chidananda’s contribution to the renewal of the modern world; in uplifting the poor & downtrodden, in serving God in man, in spiritual regeneration, in mass-awakening, in global inter-faith religious unity; will be written in the annals of humanity for as long as this planet exists. Until his last breath, filled with love, humility and compassion; he served as the servant of all living beings including creatures and plants. May we follow his footprints and draw inspiration to live a life of truthfulness, purity, kindness, compassion, humility, love for each other and service to mankind. This Saint passed away in 2008 at the age of 92. He was a peace councillor at the International committee for the peace council and been actively involved with interfaith movement. In the Year 1993, at the centennial parliament he was one of the presidents of the hindu panel. In this year of his Birth Cenenery, Swami Chidananda Sevashram is striving to pay a tribute to this great saint on this occasion by organising various programmes in USA. We have sent our Managing Trustee Swami Yatidharmananda to hold several Events in various cities in USA. We deem it a great good fortune and privilege to be provided with this sacred opportunity to pay homage, on the auspicious day of his 100th Birthday Anniversary, to Gurudev Swami Chidananda. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who extended their support for this Centenary Yajna. May the world respond to this living call. May the Master’s radiant life inspire one and all. May this 100th Birthday Anniversary mark the dawn of a new day in the life of modern man wherein the spirit of renunciation and self-giving replace that of greed, selfishness and hatred and bring happiness, joy and peace into the lives of all men.

Our Chicago Programme is on 21st May:

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Our Miami Programme is on 25th May:

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Our New York Programme is on 19th June:

New York