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Great sages, saints and our scriptures have declared that we the modern humanity must ceaselessly strive to focus our attention to this great reality that—this secular earth existence, this physical existence on this earth plane is not the only life you have. You have a higher life. Making a success of your life here is not the only mission with which you have come. There is another attainment to be attained. You have a greater purpose than making a success of your worldly life. If all the success is yours in all its fronts, social front, business front, domestic front, financial front—but you have not done anything to attain this higher goal then your life has gone in vain. When this is forcefully brought home to you, that there is something more to life than this delusion—then you realize—yes there is something other than this and I must strive for the other goal also. Thus the great seers gave a new meaning and a new purpose for human existence. They admonished all humanity and directed its attention through the upanishadic teachings towards this higher, nobler, spiritual mission in life for the attainment of your divine destiny for your life divine. Attainment of that great reality, that is highest value, that is supreme goal and that alone is capable of imparting deeper meaning and true significance to your life here. Which otherwise will be meaningless coming and going. Unable to take nothing, empty handed you come, empty handed you go. Alone you have come alone you will go. No one has been able to do anything other than this. Therefore, life is an absurdity if you think that accumulation of things and possession of things makes for a successful life, you are in a delusion. They encouraged us to ask the eternal questions—For what purpose I have been sent here down by? All the scriptures in the world all the prophets and messengers of god have been doing this one thing to explain to humanity for what purpose you are sent down to earth. This has been the central question of philosophy, of theology, of all scriptures, of all religions. True that this intelligence is keen—the question itself has proved it—but not everyone has this ability to understand this subtle philosophy, the ability to grasp and understand these concepts and ideas. How does this ability come in to the thought frames? The ancient seers and sages in a delicate sensitive way, in a holistic way, in a cryptical way, explained. Let us take this very commonly used term—Hari Om Tat Sat. This combination of few words is a cryptic aphorism.  This could well be a quintessential epitomizing of whatever has been declared by any one sent amongst human beings in this world to make them aware why they are here. Ancient, modern, medieval, east, west, that was the very essence of what these prophets and messengers had to say to human being. Hari Om Tat Sat. Hari is also a name for Lord Vishnu or Lord Narayana. All the different Sanskrit names by which god is referred to they are very very meaningful and very very significant. They convey a specific aspect of the great reality in its personal form. They call this Sakar Saguna Brahman. That transcendental reality as a being endowed with form and with qualities, having certain qualities. Sakar means with form, Saguna means endowed with certain gunas or qualities. Here it doesn’t refer to the three gunas only, but it means other qualities also. Compassion, holiness, radiance, love, peace, wisdom, joy. Hari also means one who takes away from you all that you are wishing to get rid of—striving all your life but cannot get rid of. We want to get rid of pain, suffering, sorrow, grief, all things which make us sad, but this world is made up only of these ingredients. When you are here caught in the net, you cannot avoid them. But, yes there is one being who can liberate you. He is a remover of all sorrow, bondage, delusion, everything. Sarva hara, dukha hara, shoka hara, dosha hara, bandhan hara. Therefore while you are here and you are living your life ever ceaselessly, try to be engaged in a necessary effort to attain him. The remover of all sorrow, bestower of all bliss, God. He is symbolized by Om. Om is the symbol of the supreme reality both in its personal aspect with form and endowed with divine qualities—also the symbol of that which is beyond the primal, the pristine everlasting reality transcending all names, forms, qualities, categories—who is Nirakara Nirguna Brahman. Sakar is endowed with form, Nirakara is formless. Saguna is endowed with divine qualities, Nirguna is absolutely with no qualities. You can say nothing about that being. Anything you say about that being will not be right because it will be conditioning the unconditioned, it is limiting the unlimited, it is trying to confine the infinite, the boundless to some specific aspect or quality or state. Nirakara Nirguna Brahman. We refer to that transcendental reality as Tat meaning thereby not this which you perceive through your senses. All that is perceived through senses are not real. They pass. They are temporary, transitory, evanescent, changeful, perishable—just a passing appearance, a show. One day it is there, another it is not there and is therefore a temporary appearance only like a line drawn on the surface of water. When you draw a line for a moment it is there in the water, next moment it is no longer there. A line drawn on the surface of water—as much permanency it has got, that is the permanency, like a flash of lightning of thundercloud. It is all impermanent. Anitya, Asashvata. Not this therefore reality is.  Not this because that is characterized by all too evident and patent qualities of evanescence, impermanence, perishability, Therefore not this but that Tat—Reality. What is real here? God. What is real here? Om. Hari Om. An entire

Lord Rama’s Life-An Unique Analysis

Among the specific objectives of Lord Rama  and His Avatara Lila upon earth, here are the two that are most important to mankind. On the secular side Lord Rama lived and acted in order to hold aloft before mankind for all times a noble ideal of the correct pattern of human conduct, character and behaviour in all contexts of diverse human social relationships. On the spiritual side the entire unfolding of the Ramayana epic is meant to serve as a revealment of the inner process of the descent and ascent of the human spirit or the story of the individual soul’s bondage and liberation. This is its esoteric content. This is also explained in other versions of the Ramayana. Thus the advent and the earth Lila of this Avatara constitutes a call to ethical idealism in our earthly life and to spiritual liberation in our cosmic life. This is precisely what the Ramayana and Lord Rama should mean to human society. This is what the worship of Lord Rama, devotion to Him and adoration of Him should imply to His devotee (Bhakta) and to the Sadhaka who looks upon Lord Rama as his Ishta Devata. Devotion to Lord Rama is devotion to virtue and Dharma and spiritual life and Sadhana. It includes adherence to Sadachara, pure moral character, virtuous conduct and behaviour. It includes resolute effort to move towards spiritual liberation and divine illumination. It stands for sincere effort for attaining union with God. The concept of Rama-Rajya is significant not merely for human society as a whole but it is also equally significant for the individual human being as well. Establishment of Rama-Rajya is the establishment in your own life of the two important principles of Dharma and Divine Wisdom. Sita’s imprisonment in Lanka by the ten-headed Ravana is in fact the Jivatma’s bondage in individualised ego-personality made up of the ten senses (five Karmendriyas and five Jnanendriyas). This captivity, in this gross-human-physical-mental consciousness has brought about our separation from the Universal Soul or God. This is the painful separation of Sita (Jiva) from Lord Rama (Paramatma). This lost contact is restored only by the Guru who is the link between the Lord and the bound individual being. In the Ramayana narrative Hanuman (Guru) brings the glad tidings of the Lord and helps in ending this unbearable separation between the two. Total annihilation of the body-idea or identification with the gross physical personality (Dehadhyasa) is the condition pre-requisite to this union. Thus Sita is made to undergo the fire-ordeal before Sri Rama takes Her back. The original cause of falling into the state of bondage is succumbing to the glittering attraction of outer appearance (the golden deer) due to lack of discrimination (Avichara) and the consequent ignorance (Avidya). The golden deer is the epitome of this world of Nama-Rupa (name and form) and the attraction of this creation or projection of Maya which Maricha stands for. He and his assumed Mriga (deer) form is this Mriga-Marichika (mirage) of this world-appearance whose illusion deludes the Jiva bringing on captivity, bondage and estrangement from Universal Consciousness (Rama). Sita’s sorrow-ridden sojourn in the hostile surrounding of Rakshasas in Lanka is the Jiva’s pitiable plight amidst the Asuric forces of this materialistic world of disease, pain and death. The way out of this painful bondage is to practise a ceaseless, continuous remembrance of the Lord together with an intense longing for being united with the Divine once again. This was the Sadhana manifested by the noble souled Sita during Her captivity at the Ashoka-vana in Lanka while at the same time firmly resisting all flattery, blandishments and temptations held out by the unethical Ravana. Resolutely turning away from enticements, refusing to give way before threats, Sita keeps Her mind and heart steadfastly fixed upon the Divine Rama and thus succeeds in invoking His Grace which manifests itself in the form of His personal messenger Hanuman (Guru) who once again renews the lost contact between the Jivatma and the Paramatma. Where there is sincere aspiration and earnest Sadhana there the Grace of the Lord comes in abundance and rescues the Jiva from its state of bondage and bestows upon it the supreme good for- tune of Kaivalya Moksha (Rama Pattabhisheka Samrajya) granting the Jiva the coveted state of eternal close proximity with the Divine. Sri Rama is Maryada Purushottama. Embodying in His personality the many sided ideal of the correct human conduct and deportment. He stands before the whole mankind as a noble and worthy exemplar of moral rectitude and ethical propriety in human relationship and human behaviour. As a son, He nobly upholds the honour of His father and the fair name of His royal family by sacrificing His personal advantage, prestige and status. As an elder brother He presents before Bharata and Lakshmana a perfect model of restrained and gracious charitable reaction in the face of a most vexing and aggravating situation. As a true partnerin-life to His wife Sita who insists upon accompanying Him to the forest, He wisely recognises Her claim upon Him and concedes to Her the right to come to Her own decision and choice in electing to share with Him the joys and sorrows and hazards of the jungle life. Because, the wife is an equal partner to the husband in the matrimonial life of the Grihasthashrama! As an individual in society Rama instantly reciprocates the friendship offered by Guha-nishada and takes him into the warm embrace of His divine friendship without the least consideration of the difference in their status, upbringing and background. Royalty mingles freely and lovingly with primitive jungle simplicity in instant appreciation of the genuine goodwill and friendship extended by the Guha. Rama’s sense of gratitude is of such a degree that as a gesture in response to Jatayu’s self-sacrifice in defence of Sita, the noble Rama performs the last rites to the dead Jatayu as He would have done to His own father. His life and conduct as an ascetic in

The Importance of Mental Well Being

The science and art of living life is all about adapting oneself to a phenomenal flux of changing situations, unexpected events & occurrences, challenges & obstacles, conflicting views and above all in our continuous efforts to adjust ourself to other persons. It is this human factor that is really challenging. It is the most vexing of all the other aspects of life that go to make our outer living in this earth plane. Within the four walls of a domestic setup in one house, one family, there is always a special situation of human relationship and inter-personal relationship between members of this domestic setup. And this gives rise to so many tensions, states of pressure, inner vexations, frustrations, outer confrontations. Sometimes such complications become a source of various states of ill health and much diseased condition of both body and mind. Nevertheless, we cannot do without the body and the mind.  Body is our dwelling place and an instrument of action. The mind propels and directs us in what way to act, and do things—aptly the inner director. It is in this context that we must clearly perceive and recognize that these two are the sole instruments at the disposal of each human individual to live one’s life and to act and achieve. Whatever needs to be done has to be done through the body and the mind. They are the only tools we have. They are the only endowments which have been given to us to live life, to make maximum out of life, to attain through life. So commonsense makes it clear that whatever a human individual has as an endowment, an instrument, a tool, which makes one a “human being”, must be kept healthy. And if it is not kept in a healthy condition, its performance will be degraded. It is the physical body that we share in common with all other living beings, but what makes us unique as a human being, is our thinking, feeling, reasoning faculty. Now it is perfectly plain, to keep one’s unique faculty—the mind in a fit condition so that it is utilized always to achieve best results. It is, therefore, a top priority that every human being has to engage in with intelligence, commonsense and understanding and with all these acumens one can bring upon to bear an important task which is central to life well lived—successfully lived. How many of us are giving attention to this as a top priority process? How many of us recognize that such attention is imperative and is most important to life that we have to attend to our mind. We have to do everything that we can wisely, to see that it is always in a perfectly fit state. Furthermore, it is not only a top priority which is to be attended to. IT IS CENTRAL TO LIVING OF A LIFE. Someone has said, as a man thinketh so he becometh. Mind is pivotal. This famous adage in the Sanskrit language it is said, mind alone is the cause of man’s bondage or liberation Manameva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoh. This being so, we all should realize to keep the mind always in a positive state, always in a state of active optimism, always full of enthusiasm, full of positivity, full of confidence, full of cheerful disposition which is indispensable for living life with keenness and zest. Only if you are interested in what you are doing, then the performance and the end result becomes very very successful. And you thrive upon it (don’t drag through it), half-heartedly or half-believing it. There is an interesting story: It was once announced that the devil was going out of business and would offer all his tools for sale to whosoever would pay his price. The devil always does business at night in the darkness of the inner psyche. On the night of the sale, they were all attractively displayed and a bad looking lot they were. Malice, hatred, envy, jealousy, sensuality and deceit and all the other implements of evil were spread out, each marked with a price. And something exceptional apart from all the rest, there lay a harmless looking wedge-shaped tool, much worn and priced higher than any of the others. Someone asked the devil what it was. Discouragement was the reply. Why is it priced so high? Because, replied the devil, it is more useful to me than the rest. I can pry open and get inside a man’s consciousness with that which I cannot with any of the other instruments. Once inside I can use him in whatever way suits me best. It is so much worn because I use it with everybody as very few people know it belongs to me. So, they allow themselves to entertain it, they allow themselves to give a place in them. If they knew, it doesn’t belong to god’s side, it is devil’s, they will think not twice but ten times before allowing it to be entertained inside. It hardly needs to be added that the devil’s price for discouragement was so high that it was never sold. He still owns it and is still using it. It is one thing that prevented him from going totally out of business. This story seems to be so simple but is so true. And mind is the only thing we have. If we don’t keep it fit, full of courage, full of self-confidence, full of positivity we all are aware of what the result is going to be. Positivity, optimism, enthusiasm, interest all are the ingredients in the mind that becomes best asset to your subjective-objective life. You have to make it an asset not a liability. You have to make it an instrument for overcoming all obstacles not an obstacle in itself. You have to make it an instrument that provides solution to all your problems and not become a problem in itself. If that which is to be provider of all solutions become itself